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Social Pedagogy Training

As a response to the emerging need for creativity, efficiency and effective practice, we have developed a range of new training courses to add to, and compliment, our existing courses.

The European approach of Social Pedagogy has gained momentum in recent years across the UK.  Centre staff and associates have experience with the strategic and operational implementation of this approach in local government and the voluntary sector.

Social Pedagogy emphasises reflection, holistic practice and that reinforces the belief that successful group work programmes requires the encouragement of our personal selves.

Social Pedagogy is an enabler, complimenting and building on the values of Centre work.


Inspired - Lead The Way

½ day taster workshop

The opportunities and benefits of group work and Social Pedagogy in social care work and beyond.

This workshop offers an introduction to Social Pedagogy and its application in a UK context.

The session runs through the concepts of the approach as a first step in what has the potential to be a long lasting, and productive, change process.

Climb the Everest

1 day event

£99.00 per person (discounts for groups)

Train-the-trainer group work development informed by Social Pedagogy.

This training will focus on group work and act as a tool for reflection and practice improvement.

The workshop reinforced the stages of group formation, knowing theory/stages.

Acting | Reflecting | Improving

1 day event

£99.00 per person (discounts for groups)

Social Pedagogy as a toolkit and mind-set for reflecting and practice development.

This training explores the models and concepts from Social Pedagogy with a particular focus around communication, exploring relationships between people and groups.

I learnt today all aspects of theory and models and it was new knowledge gained.

I learnt how to apply the models to everyday situations

Training Dates

Please contact us to enquire about specific group dates.