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Fun and Families

The Fun and Families groups and the Positive Minds Fun and Families groups are for parents and carers of children aged 3 to 11 years old.

The groups support parents and carers who are having some degree of difficulty with their children's behaviour. All parents may experience difficulties dealing with their children at times, but this can cause stress to parents and all members of the family.

The groups are for parents and carers (without their children) and offer a welcoming, supportive and safe place to talk in confidence to other people in similar situations.

The overall aim is to help parents get a better understanding of their children's behaviour and make positive changes to it.

Groups are informal, practical and down to earth, and encourage parents to participate in discussion and various activities. We also aim to have fun!

The Fun and Families groups run for 2 hours per week for 7 weeks. The Positive Minds Fun and Families groups run for 2 hours per week for 10 weeks.


Loved every week and have learned something new every session. Has helped me understand my child a lot more and strengthened our relationship. - Parent Attendee

Positive Minds Group Information

Positive Minds Group Information

Our Fun and Families Positive Minds groups are specifically targeted towards parents and carers with past or present mental health difficulties and their partners whose parenting has been affected by mental health issues.

The core of the programme is based on our established Fun and Families group work programme but group members will also have the opportunity to explore the effects of poor mental health on the parenting task and the strategies and ideas that potentially diminish negative influences.

Running a specialist group means there is more likely to be a common or shared experience amongst the members that allows for a more open discussion on mental health (and related matters) as well as a better understanding of the impact of the symptoms on the family and parenting approach in the home.

All members will be visited prior to the group so they can ask questions and gather further information. The home visits also allow the workers to discover any barriers to be overcome in order to enable the parent or carer make the commitment to attend the sessions.

Groups run for 2 hours per week for 10 weeks.

Group Dates

Group Dates

There are currently Positive Minds Fun & Families programmes being delivered in Hinckley and in Coalville this Autumn Term 2017.  Any new groups will be advertised on this website

If you have any questions or additional needs, contact us at 0116 2234 254 or centre@funandfamilies.org.uk