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Our History

In 1987 a number of social services staff in south Leicestershire were interested in the application of methods derived from Social Learning Theory. These ideas were thought to be practical and effective in work with families with child behaviour difficulties and the first discussions began about setting up a group. The name for the group was agonised over and there was a clear wish to have an attractive title that made the objectives of the group clear. It was recognised that most participants had largely lost the sense of how much fun parents can obtain from bringing up children and were caught in a downward spiral of recrimination, frustration and helplessness. Consequently, the title ‘fun and families’ was born to reflect the group’s objective of helping families to recapture that lost sense. This aim was pursued with enthusiasm and parents in the early groups helped to shape subsequent programmes as each parent is the only real expert so far as their own child is concerned.

By 1989 the fun and families group programme had become locally known to parents and press. The result of all this publicity was that the individuals running the groups began to receive requests for information and support from agencies all over the country. It rapidly became clear to the founders that in order to respond to the escalating need the service would need to move from a statutory setting to a voluntary setting solely dedicated to delivering and furthering their cause. The decision was taken to launch the Centre for Fun and Families on 1st June 1990 and in subsequent years there was rapid growth and development into the organisation we have today.

We have came along way at the Centre For Fun and Families, engage yourself in our experience and click to view this PDF document for more information on the centre.

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