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About Us

The Centre for Fun and Families has been a leading provider of evidenced-based group work services to families since it's foundation in 1990. It is a local grassroots organisation that has developed its products through the voice of the families it works with.

We work with over 1,000 children and families a year by enabling them to find positive solutions to their behaviour difficulties. Our group work services are delivered through a variety of partnerships within the voluntary sector, statutory services including social care, health, schools and early years providers.

In addition to its core purpose, the Centre for Fun and Families has an impressive track record in, and reputation for, delivering training in our evidence-based models and developing the skills of those who work with parents, carers and teenagers across the country.

We offer our existing, well established and accredited, courses that cover the necessary skills and materials to deliver our Fun and Families or Living With Teenagers groups for parents and our Grounded group for young people who are experiencing conflict with adults. In addition, we also have a range of new courses designed in response to emerging markets.